How To Size & Buy Your Motorcycle Gear In 5 Steps

 Choosing motorcycle gear is really about first establishing what conditions you are going to be riding in, are you a fair weather rider that just rides when it is sunny and nice out or do you ride in any condition you can? If your not sure here's 5 tips to buying the right gear from head to toe.
Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles, sizes, and internal shapes, each of which play a major role in the way you experience a ride while wearing them. What you put on your lid will be the most important piece of motorcycle gear that you wear, and will also likely be an investment, so having a thorough understanding of how to choose the best motorcycle helmet for your needs, and then size it accordingly, is one of the foundational elements to enjoying your ride. In this video Spurgeon walks you through the 5 basic styles of motorcycle helmets, as well as the best way to measure your head, select an internal helmet shape, and the common mistakes folks make when figuring out if they have the right fit.
Choosing the right motorcycle jacket can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Get Spurgeon’s expert guidance in this guide to sizing and buying your next motorcycle jacket, so you’ll find the perfect choice for your next ride. You’ll learn about the major types of motorcycle jackets, how to find your fit, how to properly measure to match the size charts, and what to look for when trying on a new jacket.
It’s easy to overlook motorcycle pants as you select your riding gear. However, they play a critical role in protecting you from slides and impacts. Spurgeon’s here to get you up to speed on the essentials of moto pants. Specifically, you’ll learn the different types of pants, how to find your moto pants size, and what to look for when you’re trying them on to ensure the perfect fit.
Regardless of what or where you ride, the best motorcycle gloves are ones that fit. You’ll ride comfier, safer miles with the right pair, so get educated on the world of gloves with gear expert Spurgeon. He’s put plenty of gloves up to the test in his riding career, and now he’s passing all his knowledge on to you. You’ll also learn the different kinds of glove materials, fit types, and styles.
Choosing the right motorcycle boots can be a real struggle. With so many options on the market today, how’s a rider supposed to find the perfect pair? Spurgeon’s here to guide you through the world of motorcycle boots. You’ll learn the basic types of boots available, what they do, and how to size your feet for the boots. With this guide, you’ll be able to select the right boots for your ride, just like a pro.
Now that you've got an idea of what type of gear you want. Let Riding Dirty Apparel dress you in style.